Who are tell money?

Tell Money Limited is a company of creative and ethically minded Ffinancial technology specialists. We support startups and fintechs with a range of services, from advisory work through to product incubation, partnership, development, and funding. We work in a number of different ways and are always happy to explore innovative partnership arrangements. We understand that new businesses - and even new ventures within existing organisations - often don't have access to the resources they would like... that doesn't scare us! If we feel we can help you, and you feel you can benefit from what we have to offer, then we will find a way to work together.

What is tell connect?

Tell Connect is an Open Banking Lite Platform. Many companies are struggling to meet the regulatory PSD2 requirements with little understanding of whats involved, why they are doing it and how much it will cost. The Tell Connect api offers organisations an easy to implement low cost PSD2 solution giving you time and assurance.